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A group of companies pioneering progress in the field of land development

RG Land is a leading land development company in the State of Victoria, that provides end-to-end solutions to transform developable sites into thriving residential communities. We boast of an extensive portfolio of major development projects in and around Geelong and use significant expertise to provide holistic services under the umbrella of R Goel Group. Read more…



Our services

Land Development:

As a full-service development company, RG Land is headed towards developing land to build prosperous communities. With a wealth of knowledge, experience, and understanding of market trends, we redefine land development for future land owners, investors, and other stakeholders alike. We focus our energies on the acquisition of high-quality, income producing commercial and multi-family real estate, with an emphasis on value-add opportunities.

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Development Management:

RG Land offers Development Management as a service to land developers and investors to ensure successful and timely development delivery. We have a comprehensive understanding of the legislation, contract administration, negotiation, and development management methodologies that allow us to execute your vision effectively. Our team of diverse experienced professionals offer development management expertise and a reputation for enhancing the communities in which we work.

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Did you know?

Commercial & Retail Spaces

Commercial establishments & retail town centres have a footfall of over 300,000 people.

Gross Lot Sales

Total Gross Lot Sales in November 2021 is 2,495

Source: RPM real estate

Median House Price

The Median house price of residential homes in Geelong is $334,000 in Q3 2021

Source: Oliver hume

Average Price Growth

Average price growth of lots in Geelong in the year 2020-21 has been 25%.

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